Online Shopping: My Expectation

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Hi, My name is Mary, and I am an Affiliate Marketer who promotes products and services, online stores, and companies that are customer-focused, committed to delivering the best online shopping experience.

Online Shopping Experience

My Story

If you are anything like me, it took some time to become confident and adept at online shopping.

I love to see and touch, and there is nothing like seeing the product firsthand before making a purchase.

Oh, and am such a huge fan of upmarket department stores such as Myers and David Jones.

Well, today I am a regular online shopper.             

My first online shopping experience 6yrs ago was when I decided to purchase a dress.

Well, I just had to laugh when I finally received it as it was more like a blouse that came to just below my waist.

I definitely ORDERED A DRESS NOT A BLOUSE just in case you may be thinking I made a mistake.

I contacted the company to return the item and requested a refund, they initially said that it wasn’t their policy to give refunds and yes I should have read the fine print.   
To keep this story short it left me feeling frustrated from the experience as and there was no one else to advise.


Well, I finally got my refund back over a year later.

I had a couple of other experiences but this one was by far, the worst

Nowadays, most online Stores have good policies and ethical-based practices in their day-to-day operations.
and there are tracking systems to keep people accountable.

My Expectation As An Online Customer.

I have spent some time exploring online store policies,  and how they add value.
The following is what I would be looking for.

  • Is the website easy to navigate?
  • Quality products and reputable brands.
  • Easy payment options and affordable products
  • Great customer service.
  • Product presentation, pricing, and availability.
  • Brand and Company policies with a focus on ethical operations.
  • Tracking system.
  • Transaction policies returns/exchanges and shipping fees.

No company is perfect, right? there will always be mistakes made along the way.

I Judge a company by the way they resolve issues quickly, without fuss, and inconvenience to me,
 in return will have my trust and loyalty as a result.



Aim Of This Site.

To recommend the best brands that deliver on all the points outlined above, bringing you the best possible shopping experience in the online shopping space.

We provide information on a range of products and services that practice a good code of ethics in their day-to-day business transactions.


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