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Eco Table. One Of The Great Brands From The Online Department Store, TheMarket NZ


One Definition of Eco-Friendly Lifestyle.
Sustainability and environmental protection, by choosing materials with the least environmental impact


Eco Table.

The Eco Table offers a unique collection of artisan homewares and cookware from around the world + ultra-stylish and sustainable single-use tableware usually only available to foodservice operators.

Content By Eco Table

Our collection offers beautiful, functional items for kitchen and table with a strong focus on sustainability and quality

Here you will find a unique collection of often hand-made artisan products from all over the world, designed to help you be sustainable in your home and to cook and serve wonderful dishes from around the world – at home.

French Market Basket



Content by Eco Table: Another Great Product.

French Market Basket oval-shaped basket – The Fez. Basket has long leather handles which makes it a stylish and practical basket for everyday tote.

These original, genuine French market baskets from Morocco have been made in the same way for generations.


Hand Block Indian Print Table Linen –

Malabar design

These 100% cotton items blend classic style with contemporary design, adding a unique charm to any table setting.

Bee’s Wrap

Alternative to plastic wrap that is sustainable and natural. Wrap up your favorite sandwich, Cover a bowl or pack a snack for your next adventure. Bees Wrap will make a unique eco-friendly gift for the Eco-conscious individual.

Available in fun and colorful prints.

The Eco Table Citruswood Spoons

The Eco Table Citruswood Spoons

So Many Alternatives for the Eco-Conscious From The Eco Table



Salam Teapot – made in France


Content By Eco Table

Created in 1953, the Salam teapot is an iconic product for French company Guy Degrenne. A beautifully crafted porcelain pot and anodized ‘tea-cozy’, lined with felt and designed to keep the tea at exactly the right temperature – twice as long as a regular teapot. A stainless steel infuser is included.



Single-Use Product.

content by Eco Table


The Eco Table was born out of a desire to reduce the use of disposables that are not compostable. We simply wish to do our bit to help the environment by making these stylish environmentally products widely available throughout the country.

Many single-use products that are labeled bio-degradable may in fact take many years to break down and may also produce harmful gases, such as methane, in the process. At the Eco Table, you can be certain that everything we sell will break down quickly and not leave any toxic residues behind.

Products made from different woods will start to decompose within hours and will be completely returned to the earth within 90 days in a home compost bin or less than 50 days in a commercial composter.

Products made from Bagasse (sugar cane fiber and other tree-free fibers) will be completely decomposed within 90 days in a domestic compost bin.

Even if these products go into the landfill you are rest assured that they will quickly decompose – just be sure to use a compostable rubbish sack.

Using eco-friendly tableware like these also negates the need to use detergents – another helping hand to our environment.

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