TheMarket NZ: Online Grocery Shopping

Online shopping, once a novelty; now more of a necessity.

We live in a time of uncertainty in the Covid climate, so adapting to a new way of going about much of our
day-to-day interactions is expected.

While we may miss the normal interactions in life, having to adapt to new behaviors is forced upon us given the abnormal

circumstances we find ourselves in, with the surge of covid.

Shopping online is one area that’s becoming a necessary behavior change.

Most of the major supermarkets offer an online shopping service including home deliveries,

However, during Level 4 lockdowns, expect disruptions to operations and delays in deliveries.

Overall, shopping accommodates the most vulnerable in our society including those who just love the convenience.

Hopefully, visiting your local supermarket won’t become a thing of the past for those who simply see shopping day, as a day’s outing.

Can You Imagine? No Supermarket Or Any Retail Store. No, I am not going to entertain that thought.

Countdown: Online Grocery Shopping

At this Time during Level 4 lockdown, Countdown delivery services are stretched to capacity, so expect some delays with deliveries.   Thank you For your patience.

Under Normal Circumstances, it will be business as usual.

Click on the link above to access the Countdown website or call Customer Care on
0800 40 40 40 for any queries.

For those who are unable to leave their home because of illness or disability, enquire about Priority assistance.

Click on the link above to check out current specials in-store.



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