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SimplyOptionz…                      TheMarket Store

Partners with a range of companies to bring quality products and services to you, the customer for the optimum online shopping experience.

As an online customer myself, I look for the following an online retailer.

  • Quality assurance.
  • Tracked shipping.                                                                                                                    TheMarket NZ
  • No fuss with returning products.
  • Interest-Free installment payments.
  • Great customer service.
  • Offers a range of leading brands on one platform.
  • Consumer protection with financial transactions.
  • Easy to navigate website.

If You are anything like me, I loved going into “Upmarket Department Stores”

WELCOME To The Next Best Thing.

Introduction To

TheMarket NZ. Your Department Store Online.

the market is a lifestyle-focused online shopping experience, featuring a huge curated range of new products from the most desirable international, local, and niche brands. TheMarket experience reduces friction with all prices in NZD, interest-free installment payments via PartPay, tracked shipping, and free returns via a network of MarketPoints within our partners’ retail locations.


Get It All Done! Shop 2m plus Products & 1000s of Brands, Plus Get Free Returns

And Free Shipping when you join TheMarket Club.

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TheMarket NZ

Your Department Store Online. 

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